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What We Do

The TradingĀ  Approach:

Trading in any market has it challenges especially for the average investor due to the lack of time, discipline, or trading tools. Also many professional traders struggle with decisions regarding entry or exit. Furthermore, Hedge Funds and Major Investment Companies have their challenges too, yet they work to have an edge from the utilization of their own methods which includes the use of Algorithms.

10stocks10dollars utilizes a proprietary trading algorithmic approach which offers signals when the time might be right for entry or exit for valued stocks under $10.

This is a Trend following offered Methodology.

Our proprietary Algorithms is a unique mixture of instrumentations that is utilized universally across all asset classes such as Equities, Futures, Forex and recently Cryptocurrencies and has guided us through all market events since the year 1982 and remains so today.

It wasn’t a surprised to us that Gamestop(GME) exploded up to $483 a share especially since we got a buy entry signal 4 months earlier around the $2.57 level, FuelCell(FCEL) at $ 0.35 that afterward ran up to $29.44 a share, Ascent Solar Technologies Inc (ASTI) at $.00001 which exploded up to $ 09.7 cents and offered well over potentially $50,000 per $80-$100 invested at the time, OneSpan (OSPN) at $7.48 which over a year’s time ran up to $31.40 before we got a sell signal at $29.00 a share, Vaxart Inc (VXRT) buy signal at $0.35 and afterward ran up to $24.90 before retreating lower…and many more we could list from our Algorithmic generated signals.

Our Algorithms even helped us forecast that a Stock market drop of 10,000 points was to occur from a “Black Swan Theory”. We warned 3-6 months in the year 2019 before that the year 2020 would experience such an event. Simply put we called the Stock Market decline for the year 2020, 3 to 6 months before it unfolded.

How Good Is That?

So let us answer what is required of you?

  • There’s no NEED to take any CLASSES!
  • There’s no NEED to sit in front of a COMPUTER ALL DAY!
  • There’s no NEED to purchase a SOFTWARE PACKAGE !
  • There’s no NEED to do long and tedious RESEARCH !

What is required is for you to follow our Algorithms to build a short to long term portfolio and how you do it is by signing into our website.

More On What We Do:

Do market conditions have you trying to figure out when to BUY/HOLD/SELL or remain on the sidelines?

Our service is a trend following methodology and the benefits to our subscribers is it is another source of information provided, a reduction of time spent for research, and analysis, and with the ability to receive timely entry/exit signals which are offered exclusively to our subscribers of 10stocks10dollars.com




Before making investment decisions, investors need to carefully consider whether investment products/services are suitable in light of their financial position, investment objectives and experiences, risk tolerance and other relevant circumstances. Meanwhile, investors should also understand the risks associated with investment products/services.

Risk Disclosure/Stop Loss Disclosure:

Trading stocks and options involves the risk of loss. Please consider carefully whether stocks or options are appropriate to your financial situation. Only risk capital should be used when trading stocks or options.Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

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