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How It Works

First you’re latching on to a team with more than 40 years of market experience.The Dow Jones Composite was
trading around 770pts back then.We understand how markets work! Our experience is a benefit to our Subscribers!

How many times have you asked
What will the market do today ?

You search for answers. You examine Fundamentals.You look over Charts to find indications of whether the market
is poised for Up or Down. And once you come to your decision then you ponder whether or not to place the trade.
But there are many that don’t even have the research skills because they are a Novice and a helping hand could go
a long way.

It’s never easy to trade or invest and trading in today’s markets are more complex than it was 10,20… years ago. Why?
Because of the advanced trading tools utilized by Institutional and Professional traders. Yes, they use their Algorithms
to assist the brainpower of Analysts seeking to find opportunities.

Highly Skilled Investors are also having challenging times competing in the markets simply because it has become
more of an Algorithmic trading approach.These experienced traders/investors may have studied trading techniques
such Candlesticks,Triple Tops and Bottoms,Fibonacci,Elliot Wave,Gann,are challenged to enter/exit markets too.
But We can help them too!

Therefore in our opinion Novice/Amateur Investors are definitely at the mercy of the market due to a lack of experience,
tools, and market knowledge.

Help is Here!

10stocks10dollars works to provide you with what we believe are some of the best trend following trading signals on
the street… An algorithm trading system that offers you trading signals to use at your disrtetion on a subscription basis.

Why we believe we can deliver timely entry/exit points for equities listed on our website?

Our Algorithms were derived from a manual approach we’ve utilized since 1982 originally designed for the Futures markets and
snowballed into Equities and later on for Forex too. Its a Trend Following Algorithmic trend methodology that has led us through
every Bull or Bear Market over the last 4 decades and our the applications of such science allows us to produce trading signals for
the weekly time-frames.

Our goal at 10stocks10dollars is to offers you Weekly Trading Signals.

10 buy signals per month for companies who’s stock values are $10 or less.

When possible we will provide you more than 10 Trading Signals for No Extra Charge.

We also will offer the Exits/Sells from our Algorithms too.

Place your selected Stock(s) from our list on the weekends and 99% of time this will be on Monday’s Trading Day Opening unless its
closed for a Holiday…then you place your trade on next available open trade day. Then you just check back in on the coming weekend
to check for other information if you are to Hold or Sell!

We are absolutely sure our Algorithms can match or supersede in many instances the tools of Wall Street Firms and Guru Investors.
We are second to none in our opinion!

We believe that you will gain an appreciation for the potential benefits of having 10stocks10dollars.com as a source of information.




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